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The Lemonade Land

Our Motto

South Shore is a blessed community with a rich history and a bright future. The Lemonade Land is an opportunity for us to showcase our local talents, skills, and abilities (i.e. micro-businesses).

A place for small and micro-businesses to have an outdoor space for their businesses to safely sell their products. We want to connect our neighbors, support their creativity, facilitate their selling goods and services, and improve our community economy.

Vision Statement

Q & A

We are building a Black Wall Street in South Shore.

We are creating, connecting with, (and between) micro-businesses in the community.

We are beautifying our community: transforming vacant lots to attractive spaces for pop-up commerce. 

We are creating opportunities for the residents of South Shore to grow their business, build generational wealth, and for our blessed community to prosper.

Question: Is it possible to have the good aspects of gentrification (nice places to go eat, fun things to do, safety) without poor Black/Brown people being pushed out by the wealthy?

Answer: The Lemonade Land